Guide to Web Automation

A guide that you can follow on how to perform web automation

To Perform Web Automation, follow the Below steps:

STEP 1: Create a Feature and add a name according to your requirement. STEP 2: Create a Functionality and add a name according to your requirement. The Excel Files should be saved in the specific Location. For Example:

Document --> Test Data --> Product --> Code Branch --> Client --> Excel File

Note: If not saved at the specific location then the Excel File link will not be visible in the Functionality. STEP 3: Now Create a New Group based upon the requirement.

STEP 4: Create an UI Element.

  • Naming should be similar to the web element and in Lowercase. Finding of locators.

STEP 5: Creation of Product Element.

  • Note: Product Element name should be unique.

STEP 6: Creating Test Cases in the excel sheet. STEP 7: Sync the newly added test cases by clicking on sync button in test cases module.

  • Blue: Will erase all the Test data.

  • Red: Will sync newly added data in the excel sheet.

STEP 8: Once Test cases synced, create the Test Suite. STEP 9: Run the Test Suite or can also make a new test run and add the functionality and test suite later. STEP 10: Finally, the desired result will be reflecting on the screen.

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