Excel: Read data from excel

Reads data from an excel sheet and gives output as QArray or QData based on config

Param Name

Param Desc

Default Value


Location & Name of the file

Assume that file is in the Agent Data Folder


Excel Sheet from which data must be read

Mandatory Field


Name of the Product Element defining the data structure

Valid Prodcut Element with data type QData


Represent the type of data that you are reading. Select one of the options. [multiRow, keyValue]

No Default


Starting row from where the data must be read. For example if the data start from first row, give 1. Remember to match with the row no in excel



Ends reading when the excel row no is greater then given endRow value

Number. Optional.

Will read until the end of the row if endRow is not given


Starting column from where the data must be read. For example, if the data start from column A, give 1



When true smarty will read column names from the first row of the excel. All the column names must be defined a product elements. When false, it will take column names from the columnNames property. if a column name is not defined as product element, that column will be skipped from reading



Column name will be mapped to the product elements. Specify column names separated with comma

No default


Specify keyColumnName if data is represented with single field. This is very helpful when doing find on the row on QArray


Copy's data to system clip board

Boolean. True/ False

Default is false

adjustColumnData.batch[Number]:[columnName] Column procesing is done based on batch no sequence

1) Converting String with delimiter to QStringArray

Expression to use:

convertTo:delimiter.[Delimiter String/Char]:dest.[Dest Element Name]

Predefined Delimiters:





Custom Delimiter: must be defined in square brackets. Some examples:

delimiter.[and] word and is delimiter

delimiter.[break by] word break by is delimiter

delimiter.['] character single quote is delimiter

2) Moving Another column data as child object

Expression to use:

moveAsChild:keyName.[Child Column Name]:keyValue.[Child Column Data]

Optional. Define for columns that need adjustment

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