Product Element

Product elements are the data variables in QATTS

What is Product Element?

Product elements are the data variables in QATTS. They carry the test data to execution engine during test execution.

They have a tight bonding with UI elements. Which means, every product element is associated with a UI element.

Create Product Element

Step by step walkthrough

To add an Product Element follow the below steps

STEP 1: Go to Studio, it directs to new window which will be appearing as shown below.

STEP 2: On the right corner Click on "+" icon and select Add Product Element, it should appear as below.

STEP 3: Fill the required details as shown in the below screenshot.

Selecting the Group details is mandatory.

  • Product Element Name: The name could any of the user choice.

  • Label Name: It should be similar to the given product element name.

  • Product Element Type: There are various fields to choose from input,output,action, custom, page.

  • UI Input Element Name: Add the UI Element you want to connect it from the drop down selection.

  • UI View Element Name:

  • Data Type: Choose the type of data as string, boolean, Integer and others.

  • Database Column Name:

  • Sequence:

STEP 4: After adding required details and then click on Save, the given Product Element name would be saved in the groups you have selected it in.

Short video

Note: The Product Element Name should be same as the excel sheet headings.

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