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Create Suite

Step by step walkthrough on how to create suite

Step by step walkthrough

The following steps to be followed to create a New Test Suite.
STEP 1: Login to QATTS, In the Left Navigation Panel Click on Test Suites ----> New Test Suite as shown as below.
STEP 2: After clicking on New Suite you should be able to see the below screen and fill out the required details.
STEP 3: Fill out the following details.
  • Suit Name: You can give a suite according to your Project
  • Description: Here write down the steps or what this suite is about.
  • Visibility: Here you can choose between Private and Public.
    • Private - The Suite is visible only to you.
    • Public - The Suite is Visible all who is working on the same Product.
  • Type: Here you need to choose between Automated or Manual, by the name itself you can assume its automated or manual testing.
  • Clients: Choose which client are performing the Test Cases on.
  • Functionality: Need to choose the functionality which you want to Test.
  • Test Cases: You can add number of test Cases you wish to perform.
And Click on Add and then Save, your suite will be saved.

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