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I have clicked on the element and there is no action happening

Usually QATTS scroll to the element before performing the click action. Please check whether the element is in the current view or not.

If it is in the current view and no automation errors observed. Refer to Properties Library for configuring the jsClick property

My button gets enabled only when hovered. How can I handle

This can be done in 2 ways. Explained below 1. Configure the pre action as "mouseover" Pre and Post Actions 2. Configure the property "focusAndSend" Properties Library

How can i perform the right click

We usually don't perform the context click in web applications. This is helpful when we are working on native applications.

We need to give the property called "contextClick" Properties Library

How can I perform the ENTER operation after populating the web form

This can be achieved in 2 ways.

  1. Performing the post action for the last element as ENTER. Refer to link Pre and Post Actions

  2. For the button element configure the property enterKey. Refer to link Properties Library

How can I click multiple times on a web element

This is not recommended because, clicking on a element can change a page or redirect to new section. If that is the functionality in the application.

Then it can be achieved by configuring "clickAndHold". Refer to link Properties Library

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