Test Case

A Test Caseis a particular web page, with different web elements

What is Test Case?

A Functionality is a particular web page, with different web elements. Here we connect the test data (excel File) in the functionality which is related to the web page.

Step by step walkthrough

To add a Functionality kindly follow the below steps:

STEP 1: Click Studio on the Left Navigation Panel, it directs to new window. On the left corner Click on "+" icon and select Add Functionality, screen should appear as below.

STEP 2: Fill the required details as shown in the below screenshot.

  • Functionality Name: The functionality name could be any of the user choice.

  • Functionality Type: Select the type from the drop down as Web, API or Function depending on the requirement.

  • Testcase Excel File Name: The Name given to the file should be same as the test data.

  • Testcase Excel Sheet Name: Give the sheet name of the test data.

  • Description: Write the description what this functionality is for.

STEP 3: After adding required details and then click on Save, the given Functionality Name would be saved in the Feature you have chosen in.

Short Video

Here the Excel file name and sheet name should be exactly same as the it is used in the test data.

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