QATTS Product Documentation

Here You will find resources that will help you learn how to automate tests using QATTS test automation tool.

Welcome to QATTS Product Documentation. Here you will get the resources that guides you to test automation using QATTS.

Who can use QATTS?

QATTS is designed for teams who prefers to perform Test Automation in the fastest way possible, with low testing knowledge. We provide minimal setup and installation so you can start testing as soon as possible.

⚜️ How flexible is QATTS?

QATTS is an easy to use Automation Testing Tool. Whether you go for code or code-less testing, it ensure optimal quality and outstanding results.

💻 Where can I Use QATTS?

QATTS can be used for API testing, Web Automation, Mobile testing. You can use QATTS to record your results, also take screenshots.

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