Streaming Configuration

Once you have registered your node in QATTS, We just need to follow a few simple steps to get executions streamed. QATTS streaming works on the windows platform, when the agent-service is running.

Installation / Pre- Requisites for Streaming

There is no installation required for the test run streaming.

Note : QATTS agent-service batch should be running for the tasks to get pick

Only the machines which can be accessed publicly were only supported

How to Configure my node for Streaming ?

Select your node

Administration -> Nodes -> Select your node

In the properties section configure as below

Property NameProperty ValuesDescription


true / false

This enables us the streaming service when the task is executing

Integer Value

After registering the node with guacamole -> and id would be generated. generated id has to be provided in the value section Refer to : How to register node for streaming

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