Status And Actions

This page describes various options in the node with their working and configurations

Status :

Every object has a status which defines it state. Let's see some status of the node.



It means the node is not having any tasks running and ready to have a task


It means the agent-service is not started in the VM


It means the node is running a task and any task which has been assigned will be in QUE

Actions :



Restarts the agent service

Remote Control

Can control your VM a.k.a remote logging in


Terminates the execution of task on the machine, and sets the node status to idle for picking up the next task

Clear Agent Cache

Deletes the agent data folder in the node, Which syncs overtime a new task was assigned.

Clear Test Runs Data

Deletes the task folders on the node. Note : Backing up the needed evidence is recommended before doing this.

Download License File

A text file will be generated with the encrypted information generated by QATTS, which is unique by node.

Update License

It updates the node information to the license file, Need to update license file in the node, when updated.


Soft deletes the node which can be undo later.

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