Properties Library

QATTS is all about configuring the right thing in right place. Here is the process

In the UI elements, We have the section called PROPERTIES. any actionable configuration will be configured here. Refer the below screenshots to understand.

Property NameProperty ValueWhen to useHow it works



  1. An element is covered by another element

  2. An element is not in a scrollable position

  3. When a normal click doesn't work

Performs the click operation with java script



  1. When we have to hover the mouse and perform click

  2. When a web element is not responsive. To enable the element

It hovers the mouse on to the element and then performs the click operation



  1. To perform the right-click operation

It just performs the right click to select the sub option. Helpful to automate the native applications mostly



  1. When a normal click doesn't work in web form

  2. When to press the ENTER Key for submission of a form

It just clicks on the ENTER button



  1. When the user wants to click and hold on the element for 2 seconds

  2. When a click operation has some inbuilt process running

It clicks the web element and holds for 2 seconds then release the click operation on the element

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