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How do I wait for the loader
How do I inspect the loader

In the daily applications we see different types of loaders and their behavior completely depends on the time taken for the page to load.

Open the developers tools in the browser and navigate to source tab. PAUSE the browser when you see a loader Now sit back inspect the element and write the locator.

I don't have / see a loader on my webpage

In the modern application, we definitely see a element that will dissappear after loading the content of the page. If, there was no such elements in our web page. We need to skip thinking about the loader and validate the header of the page to continue further

What was the maximum time I can wait for the loader

Usually, we can wait for the maximum of 2 minutes for a loader and completely depends on the network conditions and multiple factors.

I couldn't inspect my loader. It was fast as rocket

Yes, we do see this kind of situations where a loader is disappeared in a fraction of milli seconds. Pausing the script and inspection was the only way we can do it.

I have multiple loaders in my application, How can i handle them

Yes, this is pretty simple in QATTS. this can be done in either of ways in action class / action.

Ex : action.pre : waitforloader:UI_Element

Sometimes my loader appears and sometimes not. How does this work

Yes, As said we might not get the loaders all the time. QATTS has an internal mechanism when the loader is not found in 2 seconds. It just skips and proceeds with the next steps in action.

Timeout exception in the task when loader appears

This happens when the loader time is greater than the given maximum time of the UI element. increasing the time will solve the problem

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