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How can I send a value to the text box using JavaScript?

We can simply configure the “jsSend” property for the respective object

Can I click on the element before sending a value?

Yes, QATTS has the PRE-ACTION feature. Refer to LINK. (OR) Configure “clickAndSend” property.

I have a text box at the bottom of page, Can QATTS scroll automatically and send the value?

Yes, With the PRE and POST Action features it can be done. By, default QATTS scrolls to the element and sends the value.

Getting an exception “ElementNotInteractable” when sending a value. How can I handle this?

In general, whenever the element is getting overlapped with another element, we receive this kind of exceptions, to handle this kind of issues. Configure the property “jsClick”.

Value was not seen in the element after populating? There was no exception either?

In this scenario we have hover the mouse and send the value. Configuring “moveAndSend” will do the job perfectly.

Sending a value to a textbox, few characters were missing?

Cases like this, We need to send the value character by character to the element. It can be achieved simply by configuring “charSequence”.

How can I send a value from clipboard?

Yes, clipboard values can be sent by configuring “pasteOnly”.

How can i append my value to the existing value without clearing?

By configuring “sendWithoutClear”, We can achieve this.

By default, the value of element was not getting cleared, How to clear the value?

In this special case, we can configure “selectAllAndSend”, which highlights the complete value and clicks on backspace.

How to clear the value in the incremental/decremental textbox?

We need to configure “smartClearAndSend” which clear the value character by character.

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