Guide to setup agent-service

This article helps us in setting up the agent on local machines and debug the tasks for the user.

Steps to follow :

Step 1 : Assuming the agent folder was already downloaded. Place your folder in any location of the machine.

Step 2 : Now, login to QATTS. Navigate to Administration -> Nodes

Step 3 : Click on "Add Node"

Step 4 : Provide the node name and description

Node names were nothing but the machine names. We usually set the fictional character names for the nodes

Step 5 : Set the below property to the node.

prop.capability.browser : chrome

Step 6 : Save the node.

Step 7 : Now, open the node and click on "Download License File". You can see a text file in your downloads folder.

Step 8 : Copy the license file to your agent folder root.

Step 9 : Now double click on the agent-service batch file, which is present in the agent folder root.

Step 10 : Check for any errors in the command prompt, and come back to the QATTS -> Administration -> Nodes. Now, we should be able to see the status of our node in idle state

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