How to Add Product

Step by step walkthrough of how to add a product

Step by step walkthrough

Login in to QATTS and follow below steps to add a New Product

STEP 1: On the Left Navigation Panel click on Administration ----> Product Management ----> Product.

STEP 2 : Click on the Add Product on the Left corner of the screen.

STEP 3: A product information panel opens up and you need to fill up the required details.

Fill the following details

  • Product Name: It is the name of the Product, usually the target application name

  • Product Description: Information about the Product

  • Application Type : Tells the target application type. Web, Mobile, Desktop etc.

  • Test Data Location Type: It is the type of the test data repository. Currently QATTS supports SharePoint & Dropbox

  • IsDefault: By selecting, it makes the product default selection.

STEP 4: Finally after adding the details Click on Save and product details will be saved. Also while adding a product there need a test data repository configuration, you can go through how to configure in the next section.

You can select the product from the Dashboard as shown below. The newly added Product can be accessed from here.

Below image would walk you through How to add a Product.

Short video

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