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How to register node for streaming

The guacamole server provide an easy way of registering, testing the nodes and disconnecting the
In order to register, Apache Guacamole server has to be installed.
  1. 1.
    Navigate to the URL : http:{{Your Server}}:8080/guacamole/#/
  2. 2.
    Login with your credentials : guacadmin**** / guacadmin****
  3. 3.
    Go to settings -> Connections -> New Connection
  4. 4.
    Form Details as explained below
Only the machines which can be accessed publicly were only supported
Form Label Name
Value description
Registered NODE name has to be provided for ease of use and recommended (OR) Any user defined name can be provided
ROOT : This is the defined value, no need of any change
Select the value as RDP
Network Parameters: HostName
IP Address of the machine (Node) Ex : 192.168.203.*
Network Parameters: Port
Default value : 3389
Authentication : Username
Machine username to be provided here Ex : venkatasastryd Note : To be matched
Authentication : Password
Machine password to be provided here ******* Note : To be matched
Authentication : Ignore Server Certificate
Enable the field, as there were no certificates externally provided
Display : Resize Method
Select the value "Display Update virtual channel (RDP 8.1+)"
Screen Recording : Recording path
server path to save the recorded videos to be provided here Path : /var/www/html/video Note : No path to be provided if the user don't want to save recording's.
Screen Recording : Recording name
Provide your node name here
5. Save the form
6. Fetch the connection ID from the URL to configure them in the node configuration