Table is ready to use component for extracting data an UI table

Table in web application is very important and complex structure holding lot of data. To simplify extracting data from a complex table, qatts have inbuilt component. Just need to config locators of the table, headers, columns and rest of it is magic created by our engineers.

Based on your scenario you can configure properties for quick results:

  • Extract selected Columns only and Map to Product Element

Use prop.column:[Product Element Name] property to define each column and respective product element

  • Extract columns without product element definition

>>Extract selected Columns and Map to Product Element

Locator Type & Path must be given for row array. Not to the table. Column locator has to be relative to row.

Use below advanced props for table element type

Prop nameDescriptionOptions

prop.column:[Product Element Name]

Locator for respective Product Element or UI Element. For the product element name in the prop value, give locator info. Locator Info contains locator type and locator path with colon as delimiter

prop.column:First Name ( First Name is product element)

prop.column:ZipCode (ZipCode is Product Element)

Locator Info Syntax

[locator type]:[locator path]


Generic locator to each cell. Use columnIndex variable in locator to make it dynamic

if this property is given, it will ignore individual prop.column:[Product Element Name]


Typical table data will be hold data of an entity. For example a table will hold list of employee. And each row will hold information of an employee. So for employee key field that represent unique employee such as emp id or name etc. Key field for the data set that table data is representing. This is optional and but will be useful in getting the Data from array and display

A valid product element


Locator to check if table don't have any data. if the element exits, its assume that data doesn't exists in the table

Locator info of the web element that navigates to the next page.

Optional Field. Locator to be specified as [locator type]:[locator path]

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