Adding API

Learn how to do API testing with QATTS

In this Chapter you will be given a overview of API Testing with QATTS.

The following is the description of adding an API in detail:

  • API Name: Giving proper name for the API based on the module.

  • Description: Giving proper description related to module that you are going to work on.

  • Type: Giving the Type of response.

    • REST (Representational State Transfer) - This is used when the request and response format are not in XML, i.e. it can be in JSON, HTML or any other format.

    • SOAP( Simple Object Access Protocol) - This is used when the request and response format of the API are in the XML format.

  • Select Group: Select the Group name.

  • HTTP Methods: Select the HTTP Method that needs to be performed on the API.

    • Note: POST, PUT, PATCH will have the request template( Need an Input to test API). GET will not have the request template unless for some special conditions.

  • Here by clicking on the Eye you can select the deployment that you are going work on.

Then Click on the Save Button.

Once saved more options are now visible to work with.

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