QData is a data structure which holds data in name:value pairs.

Data modifiers: After reading data from any source such as Excel Smarty, Test Data Sheets, API, Database, modifiers will be activated. Qatts has rich library of modifiers defined. On a dataset (QData) many modifiers can be configured to operate in sequential batches. Modifiers has to configured using product element properties.

Property name syntax: modifier.batch[number].[Source Data Name].to.[Result Data Name]

Source Data Name: Source Data Name is the data key name on which data modification has to be done. if the data value is empty modifiers will not be executed.

Result Data Name: Result Data Name is the data key name in which result of the modifier will be saved.

Batch Number: In some cases modifier has to be operated in a sequence. Use incremental numbers with prefix batch. All modifiers in a batch will be executed in any order.

Property value syntax: convertTo:delimiter.[Delimiter String/Char]

Date Conversion: Converting basic data to advanced data types

Expression to use: convertTo:delimiter.[Delimiter String/Char]

Predefined Delimiters: comma, dot, hash, hyphen

Custom Delimiter: must be defined in square brackets. Some examples:

delimiter.[and] word and is delimiter

delimiter.[break by] word break by is delimiter

delimiter.['] character single quote is delimiter

Moving Data: Moving data from one element to another element.

Expression to use:

moveTo:keyName.[Child Column Name]:keyValue.[Child Column Data]


String getKey()

boolean isEmpty()

boolean containsValue(Object object)

boolean hasDataFor(String dataName)

Integer size()

String[] getKeyNames()

void setValue(String dataName,Object dataValue)

Object getValue(String dataName)

String getValueAsString(String dataName)

Integer getValueAsInteger(String dataName)

Double getValueAsDouble(String dataName)

Boolean getValueAsBoolean(String dataName)

QData getValueAsQData(String dataName)

String dump()

String toJson()

String toJsonArray(String keyName,String valueName)

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