UI Element

Understanding the UI element - a key component in automated web testing

What is UI Element?

UI elements are integral part of a web application. They are responsible for interactions between the user and the application.

Refer https://www.uxpin.com/studio/blog/user-interface-elements-every-designer-should-know/

UI elements can be uniquely identified by their locators.

A locator is a command that tells QATTS to locate a particular UI element.

Create a UI Element

Step by step walkthrough

To add an UI Element follow the below steps

STEP 1: Log into QATTS goto Studio on the left navigation panel, it directs to new window which will be appearing as shown below.

STEP 2: On the right corner Click on "+" icon and select Add UI Element, it should appear as below.

STEP 3: Fill the required details as shown in the below screenshot.

while filling Wait Type select " Time" and in Wait Value add value of at least "3 seconds".

  • UI Element Name: The name could any of the user choice.

  • UI Element Type: The user need to choose the type of the element such as button, text, file etc.

  • HTML Linking: User need to define type of linking as xpath or others.

  • Locator path: Here the locator id need to added.

  • Wait Type: Here time is the default selection.

  • Wait Time: Here user can add how many seconds the application searches for the locator.

STEP 4: After adding required details and then click on Save, the given UI Element name would be saved in the groups you have selected it in.

Short video

Special Locator Options

DataSetName of custom data options based locators

Locators with Test Data

Locators with Product Element Label name

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