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What is a Feature?

A Feature can be a folder for a particular project or a module with group of functionalities under it. Here user can keep all functionalities of a particular project or module together.

You can add Feature from Settings from the Left Navigation panel or you can add a Feature in the QATTS Studio.​

Add a Feature

Step by step walk through

​To add a Feature follow the below steps

STEP 1: On the Left Navigation Panel click on the Studio and it will then redirect to new page‌.

STEP 2: Here you can click on "+" and Click on New Feature

Note: You can Also add New Feature from the Settings --> Features and can follow below steps.

STEP 3: A new Page will be opened as shown below. Continue by adding Feature Name and Description as per your requirements, and click Next.

Note: Here Property Name and Value are Optional.

Finally After adding the required details click on the Save button and the feature would be added, the newly added feature can be accessed from the left navigation Panel.

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