Site Scan is very powerful utility to test websites with dynamic content. It scans complete website and checks for broken link, compares it with previous content and many more.

Argument Name: Mode

Multiple options can be given with comma separation.

Example Options:

  • saveContent -> Saves content of the site to task folder

  • scanOnly -> Scans complete websites and extracts information

  • sample -> Used for dry run. Will extract first 10 pages and its Childs

  • sample:50 -> Used for dry run. Customize number of pages in the sample. Will extract first 50 pages and its Childs

  • PageValidations -> Validates all the pages with w3 standards

  • SpellChecks -> Performs spell check for new & changed pages and will be added to the site scan report

  • ConsoleErrors -> Extract console error after each page load and logs in ConsoleError sheet of site scan report

Compare Site Scan

When performing site scan, it is very important to compare and drive test based on previous result. Run site scan once to extract data from the website. This will be used as reference point hence forth. In addition to extracted site scan data, Compare Site scan data must have extra columns, Action & Status.

Action Values:

  • spellcheck

  • brokenlinks

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