Test Run

What is Test Run?

Test Run gives the detailed log of the test cases which are running at present and have completed. User can customize test runs search by selecting the Product and Code Branch.

Step by step walkthrough

To create a Test case follow the below steps
STEP 1: Click on the Test Run in the Left Navigation Panel and Select Test Run as shown below.
STEP 2: Click on the New Test Run. and Select Automated or Manual depending on the requirements.
STEP 3: Fill the following details to execute a Test.
  • Test Run - Any preferred name to given for the Test Execution.
  • Suite - The required suite should be selected from the drop down list shown.
  • Deployment Name - Select the required Deployment Name.
  • Build No: Select the Build No from the given list.
  • Browser - Select which browser you prefer to test on, if doing API Select No Browser.
  • Client - Select the Client Environment.
STEP 4: After entering the required details click on Execute and your Test results will be displayed.