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A Node is a runtime environment for test execution.

What is a Node?

A Node is a runtime environment for test execution.

Steps for Node creation:

STEP 1: Login --> Administration --> Node --> Create Node
STEP 2: Give proper details of the Node and save it.‌
STEP 3: After saving it you will a find Download License File as shown in the below image.
STEP 4: paste the license file into the QATTS system files folder.​‌
Note: The above steps are done only when we create a new node.‌
STEP 5: start the Agent service and wait until u get this screen with last line as Subscribed to / user /queue / agent as shown in the below image.​‌
Now your system is ready to run QATTS.‌
Prop Name
Prod Desc
List of supported browsers by this node. Multiple browsers and thier version no can be given with comma seperated
Supported Browsers. chrome,edge,firefix,safari
if the node supports specific version, you specify like this: [browser name]:[version no]
Example: chrome,chrome:94,edge:32,firefox,safari
user of the developer
List of users who can access this node. Multiple users can be given as comma seperated
Every time Agent service should be started before running tests in QATTS.