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Extraction Rules

When working with UI elements we have to get data from UI screens. Text we get of an UI element is not always as expected. To extract or change the text we can use extraction rules.
This prop only applies to UI Elements.
Prop Name: prop.extraction.operation
Extraction Options
Rule Desc
Remove text chars in the String
Removes all Spaces in the string
Removes chars newline, return etc which are not visible
Removes all special chars (chars not an alphabet or number)
Removes all the chars that are numbers
left:[number or text]
Gets left chars of specified number or text to the left of given phrase
right:[number or text]
Gets right chars of specified number or text to the right of given phrase
replace:[original text]:[new text]
Find original text and replace with new text phrase
Example: replace:[%20]:[ ]
Extracts string that's in between start index and end index
start/end can be either a number or a phrase