It is one of the UI element type which is used to extract the data for the validations or using for other automation process

A table is a data structure that consists of rows and columns. The table displays the data in a tabular format, which means that it is structured as a grid of rows and columns. The table has two purposes: to organize data in rows and columns, and to display the information in an organized way.

The most common type of tables are HTML tables, which are designed for displaying tabular information on webpages or documents.

Tables can be structured in a variety of ways:

- A table may have one or more header rows, which identify the information contained within each column.

- A table may also have one or more footer rows, which summarize the total number of entries for each column.

- Tables can be sorted according to any one or more columns, with the sorting order indicated by an arrow at the top of the column.


QATTS can make the extraction and data handling very easy with the properties.

Simply configuring the columns what we need. Now lets see with an example Example

When extracting the table, we might have multiple requirements / questions. let'sTrouble Shoot

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